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The Perfect Grid – Ales Nesetril

Have you ever wanted to run a Instagram site for personal or commercial business or even for the growing trend of creating a page dedicated to a certain category. Well then take the time to read this blog post!!!


In today’s blog post we will be talking about one eBook that I believe is a perfect guide to help you get started with Instagram business and is something I used to help grow my page. Above you will see a photo of the eBook created by Ales Nesetril who is a large figure on Instagram. He had over 9,500 followers and is constantly growing and gain likes. He surely knows his stuff when it comes to Instagram so the eBook he has created is filled with extremely useful information.

Capture 3

Ales has had his account for nearby 6 years now, it took him a few years before his account really started to grow because growth didn’t overly matter to him back when he first started. His account really started to blossom when he posted picture of his design work and his technology. Ales really understands Instagram by now with over 1,000 posts transforming his once personal account post photos of him and friends and has now manages to turn his name into a brand promoting his deign work and book.

Thanks to Ales’ experience he manages to create this eBook showing how to really utilize the Instagram algorithm that has been chopped and changed over the years. The book is only 6 chapter long and is 114 pages cover to cover, but is filled with tones of vital information and inspiration to guide you to revamp your account to reach more growth or even starting from scratch.


The chapters of the book are :

  • Get Inspired
  • Find Your Audience
  • Create Great Content
  • Develop Your Style
  • Build Effective Habits
  • Grow Your Audience.

This is honestly the best book about Instagram and how to really help your page grow and excel. If you really want to make a name for yourself on Instagram the this book really shows you how .


The book also includes 2 separate resources that are included when you buy the book: A List of Popular Hashtags (focused on creative industry) and A List of Influences. There is also a VSCO editing guide that is coming in the future and if you purchase now you will receive email updates about its release and have it available when it is released. The thing that I still use everyday for my own accounts it the 2 extras. They are packed with useful information that will aid you through the algorithm of Instagram and get your content out there to a bigger audience.


If you were interested by this blog post and want to own a copy of “The Perfect Grid” Then check out the link :

Use the code “setupproducts” for 15% off the book!!

Check out Ales here on his Instagram page: Ales Nesetril



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