Mahabis – Slippers Reinvented

I received these slippers only 2 days after ordering them! and i found that they were perfectly packaged with no problems what so ever. The Slipper and the sole are separate, meaning you can use the slippers out doors if you need to pop out very quickly and don’t feel like changing your shoes. I found that it was a lot quicker to attach the sole then take off the slippers then put on shoes which really impressed me.

I really like the idea of these slippers, which is to be able to use them both indoors and outdoors which i think is really useful and something that people will find useful as i have. Another thing about the slippers that i like is the design. The design is not like a boring old slipper that doesn’t really look great but is just there for keeping your feet warm, in fact it makes the slipper more practical ad fashionable. They are really easy to take on and off and can be done quickly.

I really like this product due to its indoor outdoor feature and i would suggest to anyone looking to purchase something that would allow them to do that then this is the product for you

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