Setup Ideas No.2 – “The part time Gamer”

Hello and welcome the second editon of Setup ideas. I recevied good feedback on my last post and decide to carry on this series and make it a weekly occurance. A new editon of Setup Ideas will be posted every Sunday at 6 pm Uk Time. If you ddint see the last EDition then click the link here. If your new to the series then here is a little information about it:

  • This series is where I put together an idea of a setup by bringing all the products and components you will need to build this idea in one post.
  • You can use this as inspiration for your own setup, or even copy it completely.
  • If you are looking to copy the setup then get in contact with us because I would love to see what it would look like.
  • I am not intending to build any of these setups so you would probably not be able to see a actual photo of it, but all the product included will be listed below.

I hope you like our newest edition 🙂

LG 29-Inch Class UltraWide Monitor

LG 29-Inch Class UltraWide Monitor.jpg

This monitor is perfect for a ulrawide setup the clue being in the title of the product. This monitor also looks stunning and will work really well with the other products that we have along with this. One of the major selling points of this monitor is that it is excellent for gaming on and is a vey good gaming monitor so we have also placed a console in with the products below. The name of this setup idea refers to the gaming quality of the monitor and that it can also be used as a excllent veryday monitor for anything other than gaming too. This means you can easliy switch from gmaing to work when you choose.

Cost £244.92

LG 29-Inch Class UltraWide Monitor



This desk if prefect for a minimal setup, with its thin black legs and thing slick worktop. As it is a thin desk compared to others it really helps it make it feel minimal. It also suits the colour scheme for the setup that I have chosen, which is white and black. Personally i think that this os one of the best desks that you can buy for any setup, adn is one of my favourites.

Cost £55


Apple Mac Mini


The mac mini is a perfect little compact computer, and wuold suit this setup really well. It has a HDMI port on the back of it to be bale to conect with the monitor that I have chosen. It is perfect for working and everyday activities. It will aslo allow the setup to be minimal and look amazing.

Cost £ 447.49


IKAYAA Adjustable Office Chair


This chair really works weel with all the other products in the lsit as it fits in with the colour scheme of black and white and also is a very minimal chair. I think it achieves the minimal look form the mesh and the arm rests as they really show that the chair isnt very chunky or bulky.

Cost £49.99

IKAYAA Adjustable Office Chair

Sony PlayStation 4


Due to the name of the setup and the fact that the monitor that we have included is excellent for gaming we decided to also include a games console being the Sony PlayStation 4. You can place this on your desk however you like or place it anywhere where you deem suitable. 

Cost £243.99

Sony PlayStation 4

IKEA SIGNUM – Cable trunking horizontal


The Ikea signum rack is amazing at hiding all of the cables in any setup. I didnt think that this setup would neeed to much cable management because it doesnt involve to many cables, but it think that there should be a signum rack in almost every setup as t really helps to hide those cables even if there arent too many.

Cost £22.85

IKEA SIGNUM – Cable trunking horizontal 

Wall Bracket for Apple Mini Mac


I think that if this setup is placed infront of a wall then the mac mini should be mounted on the wall behind it in the middle above the monitor. I think that this will loook really good and help add some character to the setup. I undestand that there will be some cables hanging down, a way of getting rid of these calbes is by creating a tube in the wall and then covering it up with plaster . I think that this will look amazing and really bring in some charatater.

Cost £ 39.99

Wall Bracket for Apple Mini Mac

IKEA FEJKA – Artificial potted plant


This plant will help add some nature back into the stup and add a bit of colour. If you didnt see the review that i did on this product then click here for more information.

Cost £ 8.54 *2 = £17.08

IKEA FEJKA – Artificial potted plant

Apple Magic Mouse 2 & Apple Magic Keyboard


Finally we have the apple keyboard and mouse to finish off this amazing setup. These two will work really well with the desk and monitor and be combatable with the mac mini too.

Cost £74 +£60 = £134

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Main products £ 747.41

Accesories £507.90

Total cost £1255.31

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