Setup Idea No.1 – “Minimal Wooden”

Hello and welcome to a new idea that I’ve had. This could be the start of a new series that would occur every Sunday at 6 pm, where I put together an idea of a setup by bringing all the products and components you will need to build this idea in one post. You can use this as inspiration for your own setup, or even copy it completely. If you are looking to copy the setup then get in contact with us because I would love to see what it would look like. I am not intending to build any of these setups so you would probably not be able to see a actual photo of it, but all the product included will be listed below. If you like the sound of this idea then please like this post and I will be sure to make more of these in the future.

Recently in the setup community i have seen a lot more setups using a macbook or a mac mini to power their setup. As apple stopped selling the thunderbolt display mid way through 2016, many people have had to use different monitors which allows people to become more creative with their work space. So with this setup idea i am going to power it with a macbook pro.

Macbook pro


The macbook is perfect for this works pace as it could fit for someone who is constantly moving and using the same hardware for work and personal use. you can easily disconnect the macbook from the monitor on your desk and use it on the go and also on another monitor. This could be seen as a portable setup in a way.

Cost – £1,089

Macbook pro

Asus 24-inch Widescreen


I think that Asus are definitely one of the best companies to look for monitors due to aesthetics, performance and suitability towards your work space. I think that it will work really well with this setup and really give it some character. This is also a great monitor for gaming on weather console or PC, so the addition of a console would work well. The monitor is about 60 cm wide which will work perfectly with the desk I have chosen it to go with.

Cost – £296.48


ikea desk.jpg

This desk will work perfectly with the monitor that i have chosen as it will allow for a lot more space desk as it it 150cm x 75cm, which gives plenty of space either side of the monitor for other products. The White and black colour scheme will work in well with the previous products i have listed and also the ones to come.

Cost – £45



Here are a few accessories for the desk to make your life more efficient if you choose to use a setup like this or this exact one. thy are also included to help add some character.

EasyAcc Aluminum Superspeed USB 3.0 4 Port Bus-Powered Hub


This little gizmo can plug into the side  if your macbook on your desk and act as a extra 4 usb 3.0 that can sit on the top of your desk for easy access.

Cost – £8.99

EasyAcc Aluminum Superspeed USB 3.0 4 Port Bus-Powered Hub

Belk Extensive Portable Laptop Stand


This Macbook stand will work well with the other accessories that we have coming up as I am also adding a wood selection of products to give it a more homely and calm feel.

Cost – £20.98

Belk Extensive Portable Laptop Stand

Walnut Keyboard Tray


This product is made by Grovemade who make amazing products of of wood so you might want to check out their website if you would like to add to this setup. This keyboard tray will add the wood colour scheme in with the black and white we already have in the desk, as I want this setup to have a triple colour scheme of black, white and wood.

Cost £81.01

Walnut Keyboard Tray

Tomons Scandinavian Swing Arm Desk Lamp


This lamp really starts to add some character to the setup. It is really similar to the pixar lamp which a lot of people refer it to. This comes in a wooden colour which fit in well with the setup. It should be placed on the opposite side of the desk to the macbook in the macbook stand with the monitor in the middle.

Cost – £36.99

Tomons Scandinavian Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Apple Keyboard and Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master Wireless.png

Both of these products will work with the whole setup and allow you to use the setup as if you were using a imac or mac mini as you can use a seperate keyboard and mouse to the macbooks keyboard and trackpad.

Cost £91.98 + £63.98 = £155.96

Apple Magic Keyboard

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Velener Mini Plastic Fake Green Grass


These little plants will top it off and be the icing on the cake. They add a little bit of environment even if they are artificial.

Cost – £15.99

Velener Mini Plastic Fake Green Grass

Total cost £1,750.40

Accesories £319.92

Main Components £1430.48

I think that all of these products would make a wonderful setup! If you liked this then click the like button and comment if you think something better would work. If I get possitive feedback then I could start this as a weekly series. Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

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