Esonstyle X8 portable speaker Review

Recently i was looking in the amazon deals section when i came across this speaker that has been massively reduced form it original price of just under £120 to only just £20. Being the person i am i saw the massive drop in price and thought that maybe something was wrong with the product but i looked in deeper to find that it had good reviews. So I decided that i should purchase this product at the amazing deal.


The package arived a few days later and i can honestly say this is a very good speaker. It has easy controls on the device and the sound quality is great. It has a feature where as you turn it on, a voice will say “hello” and “goodbye” for off. Which can be useful if your in the dark to to realise if it has enough battery. The battery life in this thing is very good and hasnt run out for me yet since opening it nearly a week ago which is nice. It is Charged by Micro USB and has a AUX port in the side of it. The speaker also has extremely loud volume and amzing sound quality which is what we would expect from a £100 speaker even if it was on offer. IMG_0182.JPG

Overall i think this speaker is very good for the price that we bought it that and i would say that it is what i expect from a £100 speaker. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a portable speaker as it is at this deal currently. I have personally recommened it to my friends who have also purchased it and enjoy using it.

If oyu would like to veiw this product on amazon click the link here: http://amzn.to/2jakwfA

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