New Apple Airpods

As you might have seen at Apples latest keynote yesterday they released the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus with the addition of a new way to listen to music. As we know Apple removed the headphone jack form the latest models in a attempt to make the phone thinner and also make use of the lightning adaption that is better for music transition. They have included the classic apple EarPods that we have all grown to love but instead of having a analog connection they have a lightning connection. These are included in the box with the iPhone, however the second option isn’t and people think that it is overpriced. Below you can see the new Apple Airpods, the second way of listening to music on the iPhone 7.


These look like the original EarPods that have been sold with previous models, although you may notice that these do not have any wires attaching them. Usually with wireless headphones there is a cable connecting the two pods to stop loosing them and etc. As you can see form the image above these airspeeds do not have and cables at all. Which could come in costly when you loose one or both as a pair costs $159.

A lot of people have mixed views about the new Airpods some people love the idea and the step forward but others think that its overpriced and not one of Apple’s best ideas. Luckily these aren’t the only option for listening with bluetooth, so if you are one of those people against Apple’s latest idea then check out our blog post about headphones here.


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