What happens if Apple remove the headphone jack ??

With the iPhone 7 soon about to launch there are some rumours going around that the headphone jack will be removed from the bottom of the phone. This means not classic white apple headphone anymore. Instead of using wired headphone we may all have to move to the world of bluetooth headphones. This is a place where we think people might need some help to aid them in the right direction and find the right headphones for their needs.

iphone_headphone jack

Now in the past we have reviewed a pair of bluetooth headphones form IEC technology (you can check that out right here.) they were a lovely pair of red bluetooth sports headphones. Now when it comes to headphones there are usually two main groups:

-In ear headphones aka ear buds.

-Over ear headphones.

Now many people have their preferences when it comes to which type of headphones they use, so we have decided to give the top 3 of both types of bluetooth headphones. lets get started with the top 3 bluetooth in ear headphones!

In ear headphones


Boze Sportsound Wireless Headphones


If you know anything about the sound world you will have definitely heard of Bose. They provide new innovative products that raise the standard of headphones and speakers being sold on the market. The Bose Sportsound Wireless Headphones are mainly used for sports, obviously as it is shown in the title, however they are very good at being regular headphones as well. If you enjoy fitness or working out but don’t want two separate headphones for just sport and general use then these are defiantly a good option. They have excellent sound quality as do all Bose products. They also have specialised ear buds to provide comfort and stability. They are also sweat and weather free meaning you can use them in any situation.

These headphones are quite expensive but they are defiantly worth the price for the quality and durability. Overall a great pair of headphones.

You can buy them form amazon here.


Soundpeats QY7


Above you can see the Soundpeats QY7 the beautifully crafted bluetooth in ear headphones. These are the cheapest headphones that we have on the list, which is surprising when you compare the stats of it to the others. As well as the Sportsound these headphones are designed for running and other sports , a lot of reviews on amazon suggest that these are the go to running bluetooth headphones. They have a design that allows security whilst running so they won’t fall out at every other step, they also have a sweat proof factor that also helps whilst on hot sweaty run. These are also very highly recommended for day to day use and seem to perform really well with great sound quality.

With these headphones being the cheapest being the cheapest on the list they are a great bargain and should be put instantly in your amazon basket.

You can by on amazon here. 


Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless


These bad boys made it to the top of the list!! Yes these here are the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless Headphones. Beats are an extremely well known brand that provide quality across all of their products, and these aren’t an exception. These Bluetooth headphones like the others above are mostly worn by runner and athletes as they are amazingly good sport headphones. These are however very comfortable day in day out headphones that you can wear for everyday use.It has similar stats to the others but the quality of these are just one notch better.

We all know that beats are quite an expensive brand and these are at the top of most peoples price range but they are defiantly worth the investment.

You can buy them on amazon here. 


Over ear headphones


Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless


Once again the big names like Beats are ruling the world of over ear headphones as they have such amazing quality. The Beats Studio 2.0 have amazing audio quality and do not have any real sound leakage. Sound leakage and quality of audio are main features when it comes to headphones. Sound leakage is when sound can be heard by others around you originating from your headphones. For example if you are on public transport others can hear what you are listening to. So when headphones have little or no sound leakage that is very good as no one likes to have others listing in to your music on the train.

As I mentioned beats are an expensive brand but its not over priced for their quality so these are a good purchase.

You can buy them on amazon here. 


Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Wireless Headphones


Above there are some beautiful Over ear headphones made by another big brand in the sound industry … Sennheiser! These are some amazing headphones with excellent sound quality and a specialised design for comfort whilst listening. They also have specialised noise reduction meaning that you won’t be able to hear anything happening around you. Which can be amazing for a listeners perspective, however could become dangerous when using them on the move so be careful when using headphones whilst crossing roads etc. Sennheiser make amazingly good products in the sound world and many people love their work and products.

You can buy them on amazon here.


Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones


At number 1 of our over ear headphones it the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones!! These are an outstanding pair of headphones. We all know that bose make amazingly good products and when they state one product as there best yet it must be impressive. And its just that the quite comfort series by Bose has made important steps forward into the music industry. This is the latest product in the series the Quiet comfort 35’s. Its uses Bose’s acoustic nose cancelling technology to create an amazing experience for the user. You would think that with all this important technology inside of a pair of headphones that it would drain the battery life and you would constantly be having to charge them up, however with the Quiet Comfort 35’s you can enjoy 20 hours of uninterrupted sound quality.

Bose is quite an expensive brand however these headphones are amazing and defiantly a wise choice to spend all that money on.

You can buy them form amazon here. 

Thank you for reading this blog post we hope you are enjoying iPhone week here on Setupproducts 🙂

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