What to do when your lightning cable breaks??? Top Lighting cables on the market.

We all know the pain caused when you iPhone lightning cable decides to give up on you. The lightning cable has such a large responsibility in our lives, making sure that your phone is charged up sand ready to use. Why should we leave it down to the notorious Apple lightning cable. Known in the tech world as one of the worst charging cable that exists on the planet today. We all know that on one inevitable day the cable with give up on us at our hour of need.

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So what do we do when this day comes along I hear you ask… well this post is dedicated to showing you some options of possible replacements that have a much better reputation and performance than apples own cable.

3. MOS Spring Lightning Cable

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MOS Spring Lightning Cable

Here is the MOS Spring Lightning Cable! And yes your eyes aren’t deceiving you that is a spring. As we all know the part of the cable below each end of it is the most vulnerable. it bends in all different directions whilst we use our phones and sometimes can not take the strain of us pulling it in a awkward direction causing it to break. However MOS Have found a way of stopping this form happening, they have added a spring at its most vulnerable points so allow it to bend in any direction whilst not putting strain on the cable its self. According to them the exoskeleton woven jacket lining the inner cable makes it impossible to tangle.

You can pick one of these up from amazon at £21.95 and although that might sound alot for a cable to charge your phone, you probably wont need to by another one again!

Buy it here on amazon.

2.Native Union Night Cable

Image result for Native Union Night Cable
Native Union Night Cable

Above you can see the “Native Union Night Cable”. This gorgeous cable is on the list because of its amazing design. One thing that we all know that happens when you have a cable that is always in the same position and never moved, for example a cable on your beside table for overnight charging, the cable will occasionally fall off the side of the table meaning you have to go round and pick it back up. With the Night Cable having a weighted knot it means that you don’t come across this problem Leave the knot on the table and the cable will not slide off the side of the table. This cable is also 3 ft long which is 3 times the size of the original apple lightning cable, allowing longer distances from wall plugs.

This product is sold on amazon at £34.99 which is quite expensive however this cable is extremely durable and is hard to break meaning it could even outlive your device, this cable could be the only lighting cable you buy.

Buy it on amazon here.

1. Anker Powerline Lightning Cable

Image result for Anker Powerline Lightning Cable
Anker Powerline Lightning Cable

If your reading this you made it to number 1!!  And its a special one. Above is the Anker Powerline lighting cable and has made its way to our most recommended lightning cable. This smooth and slick white cable is actually made out of Kevlar. Yes you read it correctly Kevlar! We all know when buying a lightning cable the key selling point is will it last and not break. The other products above have shown us different and great ways of making sure that the cable will survive and stay strong however Anker have gone one better. The cable is made form Bulletproof Kevlar meaning not even a bullet could break this! That’s how strong it is! it is also specified to have a lifespan of over 5000 bends and will outlast your iPhone. You might be thinking that the Kevlar must in some way be stopping the flow of charge or data reducing the speed, however Anker say it will give the fastest possible charge form any USB charger.

Currently at the time of making this blog post the price of this cable is £6.49 meaning it is extremely cheap for the quality that it is giving. Even is the product wasn’t on sale it would be cheaper than the other two. Get it quick while on sale!

Buy it on amazon here.

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