IEC Technology -Bluetooth sports headphones

IEC technology sent me out a pair of sports headphones for testing and a full review and i can say that i was very pleasantly surprised with the headphones. This was the first time I have used a pair of bluetooth headphones and with all the rumours that are floating around about the iphone 7 not having a headphone jack, I thought i should try some. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed using them and i’m not sure i will go back to normal headphones.


~ Awesome packaging ~

My thoughts on bluetooth headphones, before trying the IEC technology bluetooth headphones, where that they were stupid and a bad idea. I now see how good they actually are and how much of a good purchase they are. So if you’re having thoughts that bluetooth headphones are not the way forward I encourage you to  buy a pair of these and try them out.

The freedom to roam away from your phone but still listen to music is an amazing feeling. I tested out the distance that you can hear clear good quality music till. I found that it was 366 inches away and 925cm away from your phone until the connection gets interrupted.


~ magnetic function ~
As these were branded sports headphones I thought that I should attach the running ear rubber eartip and go on a run. Now halfway through my run I made sure to switch from the bluetooth headphones and regular headphones. Using the regular headphones whilst running caused them to fall out of my ear nearly every 2 minutes. However when using the IEC technology bluetooth headphones they didn’t fall out once on the whole of the half journey. If you are into sport and like listening to music whilst doing that sport then buy these!!

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